Friday tip: How to quickly serve files from any directory

This tip is very short, but in my opinion very useful. I used it so many times and it saved me in some situations.

When you need to share files from a directory just go this directory and run:

now you can see the list of files in your browser. You may access it on port 8000 via url:


If you want it to listen on different port just run:

Using SimpleHTTPServer you can even host simple HTML websites. It’s not recommended for longer period but in some situations it may be useful.

Friday tip: Use pbzip2 or pigz for parallel compression and decompression

Today I’m starting new series: “Friday Tip”. (I hope) each Friday I will post short blog post with some tip about Raspberry Pi usage. Usually it will be some interesting command or configuration option.

First tip is about file compression for new Raspberry Pi 2 users.

On Linux systems bzip2 and gzip formats are very popular. bzip2 and gzip commands are designed to run only on one CPU but Pi2 has 4 cores! Continue reading…

New PyPy release

On 1 june PyPy 2.6 was released. Besides some compatibility changes there were added also some performance improvements:

  • Slight improvement in frame sizes, improving some benchmarks
  • Internal refactoring and cleanups leading to improved JIT performance
  • Improved IO performance of zlib and bz2 modules
  • We continue to improve the JIT’s optimizations. Our benchmark suite is now over 7 times faster than cpython

Continue reading…