New PyPy release

On 1 june PyPy 2.6 was released. Besides some compatibility changes there were added also some performance improvements:

  • Slight improvement in frame sizes, improving some benchmarks
  • Internal refactoring and cleanups leading to improved JIT performance
  • Improved IO performance of zlib and bz2 modules
  • We continue to improve the JIT’s optimizations. Our benchmark suite is now over 7 times faster than cpython

When Raspberry Pi 2 was released I’ve run some benchmarks to compare Python and PyPy performance on the new and the old boards.

New PyPy release is a good opportunity to run the benchmarks again. Today I’m just comparing Python and two PyPy releases on Raspberry Pi 2. It takes much to long time on the old board.

If you want to know how to run the benchmarks see my previous post about new Raspberry Pi board release. You will find there information about where to find code and how to run it.

Here is what I’ve got:


So what changed? Not much 🙂


If you use PyPy 2.5.1 and it works for you. Don’t bother 😉


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